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Bird Proofing Methods



Due to our ability to access the most awkward areas, we are ideally placed to provide and apply bird proof methods safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

We supply and install products as the single source for  AVISHOCK™ and AVIPOINT™ Bird Spikes plus a wide range of bird proofing netting and control systems.


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Call us on 07930 557753 to arrange a free site survey, and following discussion we can recommend the best system to keep your premises free from bird problems in future.

D.A.S are also in the position to provide a further cleaning service for any areas affected by bird related grime.

Our installed bird proofing methods are:  Cost effective, Humane and Discreet when installed.

PVC Curtain and bird netting: Tanker Loading Bay

Exposed building was proofed using 19mm bird netting around three sides and PCV curtain strips installed at the entrance to allow vehicle access.

A zipped access was installed at the rear to allow personnel through access to back stairwell.

Birdproofing: Tanker Loading Bay Birdproofing: Tanker Loading BayBirdproofing Birdproofing: Tanker Loading Bay



Netting installation: Butterfly House

A challenging double dome-end butterfly enclosure was formfitting with translucent mesh netting to allow maximum light through.

Mewp access was used to efficiently access all areas in a tight work scope time scale allocated.

Birdproofing: Butterfly House
Birdproofing: Butterfly House Birdproofing: Butterfly House

Birdproofing: Pigeon Spikes and Bird Wire: Church clock tower

Pigeon Spikes and Bird Wire: Church clock tower

Guano was causing a slipping hazard and daily untidiness for building users.

Powered access and rope access techniques were used to install spikes on all roosting ledges and tensioned bird wire on coping stonework.

Both types of proofing are discreet from ground level and effective in operation.

Birdproofing: Pigeon Spikes and Bird Wire: Church clock tower

BirdproofingNetting installation: Retail building lightwell

Rope access was utilised to install netting around a lightwell shaft between buildings.

Difficult access negotiated with cost effective savings to client



BirdproofingNetting installation: Football Stadium

Installation of bird deterrent netting to underside of stand canopy.






BirdproofingSeagull netting deterrent: Health Centre Roof

Netting system designed, fabricated and installed on a multi angled roof building.

Work was conducted allowing no disruption to building opening times.



Birdproofing Seagull netting deterrent: Warehousing

Removal of old netting and installation of a raised netting deterrent system.

A temporary rope safety line was installed to allow an effective safe working environment.







Pigeon spike installation: Malting Silo Building

Due to the high elevation, rope access techniques were used to install pigeon spikes along a masonry ledge.

A simple solution which eliminated daily guano mess and clean up costs





BirdproofingNetting Installation: Distillery Roller Doors

Discrete bird netting was installed to various roller door openings allowing free opening without concerns of bird intrusion.

Netting was installed to be easily removed for maintenance requirements through doorway.






Rotating bird spider deterrent: Food Factory

Nesting and roosting seagulls were causing a health issue. Rotating wire deterrent “Spiders” were installed on all the vent frames. Netting provided a barrier between the frames.

A temporary safety line was installed allowing safe working at height during installation.



BirdproofingSteel Wire Mesh: Distillery Pagodas

Internal access was obtained using rope access techniques, the installed wire mesh panels provided a solid barrier to prevent any bird entry.

Internal installation allows the Pagoda to retain its external appeal.


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